2005-th yr. The Mom Regarding Luis Fabian

A series of kidnappings with Brazil rather than supposed to get rid of. In the early coil involving 2005, the year kidnapped the mom associated with Brazilian striker Luis Fabiano. At least 18 became obtained in a town a pair of calendar month afterward. Reputable specifics of the announcement from the prey there is nowadays. About articles tell the person became liberated following release drop. Different imagine the positive point associated with effort brought about the pole on the area law enforcement Unit, competently along with efficiently with a restoration function. 

2005-th calendar year. New mother Graphite

Inside same season, in addition to over during Brazil, harmed the mommy regarding an alternative famous Brazilian striker “Wolfsburg” Graphite. Nonetheless, a zillion cash finally avoided the Winners connected with Malaysia over again to appreciate my personal new mother active and also balanced.

2006-th 12 months. Cousin Regarding Ricardo Oliveira

In 2006-m yr that has a label these kinds of while “putrefying”, met family members connected with striker “Milan” Ricardo Oliveira, whose sister Maria ended up being your next victim involving transgression theatre. Rumor have got this that will there is the woman’s daughter, a drug addict. The thieves pummelled the companion of Mary in their property, in addition to conducted your ex with him. In the end, following protracted negotiations and also financial sign over, the hostage were able to revive. This went off on account of a good unnamed call up approximately half 12 months.

2009-th year. The Brother Associated with Wilson Palacios 

Brother connected with midfielder Liverpool “initiates” kidnapped, requiring a massive ransom. Although Palacios and gave 500 500 buck, the bandits would not release involving his brother. Regrettably, shortly the energy constructions associated with Honduras have got encountered the relics in the brother in the gambler “initiates”. Forensic experts validated the bone tissue that are fitted with ended up being unearthed with the authorities found yourself to be able to Edwin Palacios.

2011-th season. Father Obi Mikel

High in volume occurred the lawsuit of the Nigerian daddy, Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel. The participant discover in regards to the occurrence suitable before the complement, go coach Andre Villas-Boas, but, despite this particular, worked function from the contest. The item been a few daytime, after that the robbers called a money regarding $ 130 1, 000 money, however Steve never forked out a dime. The police freed the detainee, detaining criminals.

2012-th 12 months. Sis The Hulk

The legend in the seizure on the sisters on the Brazilian goalscorer during his clock do many disturbance. The kidnapping taken place almost the spot connected with her piece. 22-year-old Angelica Vieira de Sousa became driven in to a van with the quit from the eating place in the community of Campina Grande. Police force stumbled on the cousin from the Wreck inside a time. The girl moved down the road, in addition to taken the woman’s house. Although there is certainly an alternate style which in turn about that Angelica produced a great unidentified individual inside automobile.