Coach Kamil Grosicki in very strict words criticized the idea of Marco van Basten

Ideas Marco van Bastena, head of the FIFA Commission involved in the development of football, on substitute rule met with little cool reception. In very intense words commented on their Christian Gourcuff, the coach of Rennes, where there Kamil Grosicki.
Famous Dutch soccer player would like to get rid of burned, to enter shots criminal 25 subway (the football player to do transaction range – eight seconds) replacement cards punishments belts or introduction to the effective time of poses recent 10 minutes of the match (details here).

Most offer mixed feelings, however much controversy is the idea to eliminate burned. Is a manifestation of intelligence, says Gourcuff. The spirit of teamwork zniknąłby if they got rid of the burnt. When the the current you see, then doesn’t understand football. It real about that I have heard. Back periods when one village won another village and staff died.